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About Percept Media
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    Percept Media is the Media Arm of Percept Limited comprises of the distinct divisions leaders in their respective field.

    Percept Outdoor

    Percept Outdoor offers media space is based on innovation riding on technology which ensures planning and monitoring of the media. Programm, a web based asset grading, monitoring tools which grade the large format assets on 12 physical parameters to arrive at a score. Propell, is the 360-degree outdoor planning tool, which maps defined Target Groups and their interaction with the out-of-home media in a day.

    Percept Retail

    Percept Retail address marketing at retail platforms viz. best practices trade tool kit, retail communication and sign solutions, display and dispensing solutions, brand shop concepts and execution, retail media development, planning, buying, and feet on street support.

    Percept Retail uses PROMPT, a custom built planning tools for planning and tracking multiple visibility programs across clients, which synchronizes entire operations right from spec optimisation to negotiations, placement quality checks, implementation schedule etc. to provide value integration to client and suppliers alike.

    Percept Rural

    Percept Rural Percept Rural focuses on the rural markets which have enormous potential to provide a platform for clients to communicate through innovative media solutions. It believes in the ceaseless quest for better solutions, the passion for pursuing the frontier of possibilities, and the conviction that quality & quantity are complementary and not conflicting pursuits.

    Percept Knorigin

    Percept Knorigin believes in providing solutions which achieve specific client-driven objectives, and generate results which are measurable, achievable, reviewable and time bound. Percept Knorigin has strong research, analytical, and execution capability in the field of digital marketing is spreaded across online, mobile and gaming verticals. They provide end-to-end digital marketing solutions with post delivery results measurements and also offer their services in specific functions such as back office support to their clients in domestic and International markets.

    Allied Media

    Allied Media focuses on centralized planning and buying process with the capability to ‘execute & activate’ at a localized level. The strong IT based network not only enables a bottom up planning approach, instead of the traditional top down models, but also provide a unique media service delivery platform through its micro-marketing infrastructure. This ensures reduced national and regional response time apart from increased speed and efficiency for clients.

    Allied Media intends to surge ahead with a four-point agenda of transparency, agency alliances, consolidation, and true 360-degree communication. The key focus of Allied Media is to provide clearly audited transactions for the clients to increase transparency and bring in a fair and level playing field in the media business.